A short introduction

“Bahar” pre-school, deals with education, training, and care of children, from the first year of their life until they start going to school. This department was established in 2001.
The main goal of “Bahar” Pre-school is to raise a healthy, cheerful child with good physical, mental, social and emotional development through various activities and programs.
The general task of “Bahar” preschool is to implement as much as possible the content of the educational program foreseen in the law of preschool education, to satisfy the concerns of the parents and to improve any kind of cooperation with the society.
Emphasis on Bosnian religious and cultural standards is one of the important tasks that is implemented in all the activities of this school. Our greatest joy is seeing children happy, satisfied and healthy – that’s why, at “Bahar” preschool, children are always the first priority.

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